​A Final Solution

            So Congress has decided that the answer to our budget woes is to starve the poor.  While I find this solution intriguing, is it really cost effective?  I mean starvation could take weeks, even months, and if those on food stamps seek medical treatment during their suffering, it will place a further burden on our medical system.

            In an effort to help elitist Washington and state capitals across this great land, I am offering an easier and more cost efficient solution.  My friends why let the working poor and needy suffer?  Wasn’t this country built on Christian values?  Surely we don’t want our fellow countrymen, women and children to suffer?

            I propose rounding up individuals and families that receive food stamps and shoot them. This would save billions of dollars by eliminating much of the food stamp program, CHIP, and the majority of those receiving medical assistance.  Obviously individuals with disabilities would be spared, until such time as they become a burden on the budget.

            By eliminating the people that need these programs, the programs themselves would wither on the vine and die, allowing our elected leaders to free up much needed tax revenue for the truly deserving corporations and wealthy that create millions of jobs in other countries around the world.