​An Odd Ending . . .

 In Search Of . . .

            “Hello, and welcome to CBC Production, ‘In Search of . . . the Pittsburgh Pothole.’

“Yes                Speaking                     you                  a                      on                    51.

            I’m                              to                     from                car                   Route

Stop                 car                               I                                   concentrate.”

            the                   dummy                        can’t

            “Sorry about that.  Good evening. The Pittsburgh Pothole has been around since the beginning of time, according to many Pittsburghers. Potholing, as it has become known, is the latest craze. It is fastly catching up on birdwatching, egg catching and shining cats. Let’s talk to Anthony Mazelli, the King of Potholing. Tell us Mr. Mazelli, what do you look for in a pothole?”

            “I personally look for VWs, Rabbits, and young children. Would you believe I once found a Cadillac?”

            “That’s not what I meant. To a foreigner, what is a pothole?”

            “Well, being a foreigner myself, I can answer this very simply. The question is, ‘What is a pothole?’  Well to answer that one must take in the physical as well as the environmental situation.

            When looking at a these two points, we must also bring in a third point, so as to be fiar to the other two points. Now this third point, which is also more important than the other two points, and that would be, the road. When water builds up under the road, this causes dampness in the road, the sun then returns causing warmth, the cold water becomes ice, the sun’s warmth creates the pothole seed, which blossoms into a full grown pothole. Understand?”

            “Uh, well, no.”

            “Look stupid, it’s a hole in the road!”

            “Okay, Anthony. Well that concludes today’s show . . . ‘

            “Waitaminute! I could tell you about the mating habits of the Outer Mongolian Tetsi Fly and the impact that has on a pothole.”

            “That’s alright, Mr. Mazelli, so until next time . . .