​Black Hole Man

            It started slowly, the deterioration of Charles Thomas.  In the beginning he had everything, a rich gratifying life, a beautiful wife and family; all a man could desire. Unfortunately, what he desired most was his youth.  Charles would sit for hours in his leather recliner, thinking how to stay young.

            He called in sick at work.  As he pondered the problem, Charles realized that he needed more time.  The sick day, became a week, switch, became a month, the job disappeared and still he sat. As the months flew by his world became smaller; no time to talk to friends, no time to talk to family.  He only thought to recapture his youth.

            Eventually, Charles’ world had collapsed into a small brown leather Lay-Z-Boy chair.  The dark house was now devoid of life, except for the crackling of the television.  One day after years of pondering, the television went black and the silence was only penetrated by the slow shallow breathing of the hunter of his youth.

            Finally, no one was sure when, Charles Thomas’ life collapsed upon itself.  Friends and family surrounded the casket, and they wondered what he had found in his search for youth.  All watched with heads bowed, as his silver ship to the next world was swallowed by the black hole.