Labor Day is fast approaching, and the next, most important election of our life time is just around the corner. Soon the already politically polluted airways will be no more than a gauntlet where voters will be beaten senseless with hyperbole and bumper sticker rhetoric. Oh, the humanity.

Yet while we slept a part of America vanished right before our eyes.  You can wring your hands over Trump or Clinton, but my focus is on the erosion of our hard earned dollars. What happened to the “Buy One, Get One Free” ads of yesteryear? Now we are faced with the dilemma of “Buy One, Get One 50%.” How does this happen?

The old BOGO gave me real bang for my buck. Yeah, maybe I didn’t want two hammers, but, by God, one’s free. Today’s choice not only can saddle me with two 48 packs of overnight Depends, but I have to pay 50% of the regular price for the second, as well. If I choose to buy just one, I only save 25%. Oh for the days when if I bought one of the BOGOs, I’d get it for half price.

Where did it all go wrong? The last time I remember a true BOGO free was in 1992 when we got Bill and Hillary. Hmm, that says a mouthful. Now we have the chance to pay for both of them. Blue Light Special, anyone?