Ahh, Christmas, when you’re younger it is a big deal.  There is time off from school, presents, playing with presents, an innocence and hope.  As you get older it becomes a pain in the ass.  Putting up the tree, decorating the house, buying presents and deciding what you want for a present.  There is no time off, no need for presents, innocence and hope are gone.  It is really no longer a big deal.

            A birthday is a big deal; a chance to celebrate completing another year of living, with the hope of living another.  Sure life may suck, but at least you’re alive.  Even as we advance in age a birthday is a chance to relax and celebrate.  Maybe it is because the focus is on us and we don’t have to buy presents and decorate.

            Technically Christmas is when people celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday.  So what if it is the wrong day and month, it is the thought that counts.  We know that Jesus was given presents that first year because the Bible tells us so.  They were all gifts from strangers, it seems.  Perhaps an atheist would argue that the alleged “Holy Night” was actually the first documented visitation of Santa Claus.  Of course that wouldn’t work as I don’t believe atheists believe in Santa Claus, something to do with that St. Nick thing.

            What about after that first year?  There is no mention of His birthday after that.  Basically the only times we see Jesus out socially are a wedding and the Last Supper.  Interesting enough the wine was a big deal at both events. If only He’d of thought of giving the Blessing at the wedding it would have been a great juxtaposition. Could’ve made a fantastic movie scene; Jesus on the cross having flashbacks, even better flash forwards where he sees Himself sending the murdering bastards that put Him on the cross to Hell. Wow sorry about that.

            People get all bent out of shape when it comes to Christ’s birthday.  People want to protest to show how good a Christian they are publically.  Of course, the atheists set all this up by being whiny bitches, and complaining about a farm scene on public property.  If they would just shut the fuck up, they might actually win, as no one even notices the manger on public land until they bring it up making them look like big dicks!  Let’s consider a couple of facts:

            -The religious leaders of the time conspired to have Jesus killed.

            -The government allowed the crucifixion of Jesus for political reasons.

            Now looking at the big picture, do you really think Jesus cares whether or not you go to a church to celebrate His birth?  If it was me I’d tell you to go fuck yourself.  As for setting up a crèche to celebrate my birthday on government property, are you fucking crazy?  You guys pretty much planted me in the ground, albeit for just three days; but, Jesus, to use it to get votes and pander to the right-wing, Christ. Get a life people.