Cold Brew

What the fuck is cold brewed coffee? Anything brewed, by its very nature is heated. To brew: (beer)make by soaking, boiling, and fermentation, for some reason my ex-wife comes to mind; (coffee) by mixing it with HOT water.

Even when we stew over something, we get hot under the collar. What, now when I’m pissed off, I have to, “cold stew,” to be hip? If I see a hot woman, do I have to call her cold? Even though with me that seems to be a natural progression with women; they eventually become cold bitches, but I digress…

A cold brewed coffee was coffee that sat for six hours in your cup, and I had a lot of those in the service. Why the fuck would I pay three bucks for something that occurs naturally in my own home. I can see paying for sex, as that doesn’t naturally happen in a home, cold coffee?

For the love of God people, man up! Drink you freakin coffee hot, or grow some real balls and drink that cold cup that sat out overnight. If you want a real cold brew grab my ex-mother-in-law.

Good luck with that!!