I have spent time on the radio. I had a brief run with the John Gregory Parks Experience on WDUQ. I found this piece and thought I'd share it. (I don't throw anything out!)


I loved them cows more than most people.

I loved them when they were here,

I loved them when they got on the truck and

I loved them when I pulled them out of the freezer.

Sounds like Poe.

But we loved with a love that was more than love-
I and my Annabel Lee;

Right, both were talking about the death of a beautiful lady.

Maybe the farmer was reciting the actual last stanza of Annabel Lee.

I mean let’s face it Poe was messed up, and so it seems, was this guy.


Cows in the House: Bizarre Case of Animal Neglect Reported in Barrett


Pocono Record Writer

October 11, 2009

In her nearly 10 years of investigating animal neglect and cruelty cases around Monroe County, Eileen Pasquin thought she had seen it all. But she couldn't believe her eyes when she showed up at Leonard Manhart's farm in Barrett Township to round up a herd of cattle she determined were being neglected.

Her initial search of Manhart's 36-acre property on Upper Seese Hill road near Mountainhome turned up just three or four animals. Following a tip from a neighbor and a set of footprints in the dirt, she was drawn to the house to the right of the driveway.

As she peered in a front window, she saw two steers peering back at her from the living room of the single-story house.

"I actually didn't believe I was seeing it," she recalled this week. "It didn't make sense, so I just yelled for someone else to come look," she said.

About the cows he and Willie raised over the years and sent off to be slaughtered and butchered Manhart said, "I cared more about those cows than I do most people. I loved them when they were here. I love them when they were hauled off in a truck and I love them when I pulled them out of the freezer."