​DAVE'S brother

            “I suggest you learn how to shut up, if you don’t already know how,” barked a male teacher, guarding over the cafeteria study hall.

            “Stop talking! Hey you, shut up!” yelled another.

            “Name and section number.” said a female teacher.

            “This place is like a prison camp,” I said nervously to her.

            “If you don’t like it you can see Mr. Rokko. What’s your name and section!”

            “Uh, just a second,” I said as I fumbled with my schedule, “Uh, 11k 213. John Gregory Parks. I go by Greg.”

            “Hey, quiet down there!” she turned toward me, “You Dave’s brother?”


            “You look like him.”

            “It’s the way I walk.”


            “Uh, sorry. I’m not Dave’s brother.”

            “Okay, what’s your number?”

            “Uh, let’s see, uh, 79401.”

            “You better learn that stuff.”

            “I’ll try,” she left and started at the next table.

            Whose Dave, I wondered.

            “Hello young man, you must be Dave’s brother,” said an older male teacher.

            “No sir, I’m not,” I said looking away from his piercing eyes.

            “Yu look like him,” me stared at me for a few more seconds, then left.

            “Psst! Hey you,” whispered another voice, “You better tell Dave about Susie, so he can help you.”


            “Quiet down there!”

            Moments later a pretty girl came up to me.

            “Have you talked to Dave yet?”

            “Who is Dave?”

            “Don’t be funny Mike. Hurry up and talk to him,” she left.

            “Hey Mike, hurry up and talk to Dave. Al’s after you. He says, he’s going to injure you so you can’t do it again.”

            “Do what!?!?”

            “Quiet down there!”

            “Later Mike.”

            I was beginning to worry about my poor little body being crushed by Al, who was probably a football player of some type.

            Finally, the bell rang, and signaled the end of my torment. But, for the rest of the day I wondered who Dave was, what Mike did, and who Al was and what he was going to do.