Death, Taxes, and Hillary

Death and taxes. Two painful experiences, that it seems we can’t escape, and if you’re Hillary Clinton, that’s good news. Hillary and the Democrats, have had their hands in our wallets for years; not satisfied they now want to reach into your grave. While the government may be instrumental in your demise with endless regulations, poor paying jobs, or no jobs, inability to get lifesaving medication and services, etc.; it doesn’t mean they should profit from it.

Instead of increasing the inheritance tax, it should be eliminated. What right does the government have to take what you have spent a lifetime building. A person works and saves for his or her family, builds a business, or has a successful family farm; why should an inept government allowed to destroy a family’s future, business, or farm, solely because someone has died? By the way, taxes, personal and business, have probably been paid to the government for years, only to be squandered away in the money pit that is Washington, DC.

If the fact that Hillary is truth challenged, a foreign policy failure, and economically clueless, isn’t enough for you not to vote for her; perhaps the fact that she favors a tax that will destroy your legacy and family will.