​Don't  Bogart  That Joint

(An older piece 2014)

           I have been following the events in Colorado and the nation with great interest.

The legalization of pot would provide a new revenue stream for state governments, and,

if done correctly, reduce the tax burden on working families, freeing up the ever popular

“disposable income” to spur the economy. Marijuana use, just like tobacco and alcohol,

is voluntary, so the taxes are voluntary. You want to use the product, pay the tax.

            One problem, of course, is the overreaching Federal Government. The possession, distribution, and use of pot are illegal. One could argue that the legalization of pot would cut into the government’s profits, and harm the so-called, “War on Drugs.” which is nothing more than a front to confiscate property, take our rights away and spend billions of dollars of our money. It will be interesting to see if the feds keep their “hands off” approach.

            The naysayers will argue that pot legalization will lead to the end of United States as we know it. Others will argue how marijuana usage is a health issue, hurting the user and adding to healthcare costs. The reality is this; the United States is in trouble because parents don’t want to parent, they want to be friends with their kids. Parents are not involved in their children’s education, and would rather have video games, television, movies and various community programs babysit and raise their kids.           

            As for the health issue, as I have mention in prior letters, if the government and health advocacy groups were serious about the health of the nation, alcoholic beverages and tobacco would be illegal. We know that both are bad for the body, but government is addicted to the tax revenue.

            I say smoke’em if you got ‘em, have a drink on me, and don’t bogart that joint, my friend. In the end personal freedom and responsibility should always trump government control of our lives and choices.