Founding Fathers

(This was written in response to a piece, "Condemning Israel," by Titus North, 01/02/09)         

             It is always fun to read the blame Israel first crowd. The argument that the Palestinian resistance is no different than the Founding Fathers’ actions prior to the Revolutionary War is a stretch.  Sam Adams and Patrick Henry did not shoot, or lob cannon balls on innocent civilians.  The young patriots of America did not call for the extermination of Great Britain, its people, or its supporters.

            Unfortunately the United States government gives money to both sides in the conflict so that they can continue to destroy each other. Any call for our government to withdraw support from Israel is short sighted.  A comprehensive plan in the Middle-East would have the United States giving support to those countries in the region that do not support terrorist organizations or their front groups.  A gradual withdraw of American troops from the region and a continued guarantee for support for Israel would serve a better purpose than just cutting them off. 

            We are not popular in the region and will not be any time soon.  Our goal should be the protection of American vital interests, our citizens and our soldiers. The problem does not lie with us, but with those who seek to destroy a nation because the people who live there are Jewish.  What is the difference between Hamas, the Palestinians, the Iranians and Hitler? One is dead and the others seek to finish his work.