Four More Years!

(This was written way back in 1998, but it is about the Clintons . . . .)

            What’s the big deal? Why is the press paying so much attention to Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky?  For the first time in six years the “Radical” and the “Liberal Media” are on the same side of a story.  Unfortunately, they are on the wrong side, therefore missing the real story.

            President William Jefferson Clinton will be remembered as the man who single-handedly restored dignity to the male species.  If not for President Clinton, men would still suffer from the shouts of the feminists and fear of retribution for even the most innocent of complimentary comments.  Corporate leaders can now, for the first time in years, safely chase the secretary around the office desk, promote not by ability, but by certain, uh  . . . actions not covered in the job description.

            Women can now hold their heads high as they sleep their way to the top, near top, of the corporate ladder.  Mothers can now encourage daughters to take whatever steps necessary to get ahead in the office.  The new women of the 21st Century can be proud of her sexuality and ability to use it.

            In the end though, men are the big winners.  Can you name a President that has done more for men?  Gentlemen the polls are with us.  Now is the time to seize the moment.  Call your CongressMAN! Let’s repeal the 22nd Amendment.  Bill Clinton now, Bill Clinton forever.  If he’s brought the men’s movement this far in just six years, just think what he could do with two   more terms.

            My friends, by 2003 we could be looking at concubines.  A wife for show, to stand by us publicly when we do wrong, and a host of other women there for went we want to do wrong. The time has come to stand up and be strong.  We need to rise up and stand proud.  This could be are last opportunity to push through a huge package for men’s rights.  It could get hairy at times with our female counter parts, but must not go soft.  Thanks to President Clinton’s bold leadership we can wipe the stain of our recent weakness away.