Give me A Potty Break


            Ah, the age old question that has haunted mankind since the beginning of time; where to go to the bathroom. ISIS looms as a threat to our security, the debt and spending spiral out of control, jobs are being shipped overseas, and we have a trade deals that threaten our sovereignty and our working class. Yet who uses which bathroom is replacing the issues as the great threat to the American way of life.

            Granted it is troublesome that we have people that are transitioning from one sex to another, and as ‘tweeners, have nowhere to go, so to speak. However, if we were to look at the liberalization of schools and the sciences, it could be argued that they are not transitioning, but evolving naturally, much as man magically went from a slug to a worm to a monkey, etc., you know the tale. As my dog has yet to speak after thousands of years of being spoken to by men and women, this is really all the evolutionist can hang their hat on.

            Blame which ever boogey man you like for the moral decay of today’s society, television, movies, games, athletes, politicians, The New York Times, or Donald Trump; the fact is they are not to blame. The blame rests solely on the parents and churches that have ceded the responsibilities of teaching morals and educating their children, to the government.  To expect a great nation to survive when lead by immoral persons, whose focus is not the future of the country, but future elections, imperils us all.