How do we get where we are?  Some take a straight path, while some take a more curved approach to life. I have taken the road so less travelled that there are doubts to its actual existence.  However it must exist as I am still travelling on it; right? 

            This webpage, change of life, actually started after paying for one more therapy session than I should have.  I'm at the doctor's office discussing the things going on in my mind: weird stories about chickens, loners, no legged men and real life events that have scarred me. He looks at me and says that I have a lot of sick, dark stuff in my head; that I have a lot of suppressed feelings. He says, I should discuss these feelings with my wife.

            What bullshit! I'm a guy! Like I'm going to discuss my feelings with my wife!  That's why I got married so I wouldn't have to discuss my feelings with my girlfriend! Three hundred bucks a pop and this asshole sends me home to talk to my wife? Well, ex-wife now, and was that costly. Perhaps they couldn’t handle the skewed views of life that I presented; ideally you can.