Insanity is like cheating on your wife; you don’t want anyone to know what’s going on, but you want to talk to someone about it.  Much like cheating on your wife, insanity causes one to continually look over your shoulder, live a double life and try to remember what you said to whom.

            Insanity causes you to buy and do things you would never do if sane, and you don’t know why you did what you did.

            You tend to believe that things will work, while at the same time doing things that will cause things not to work out.

            Insanity makes you unorganized in one part of your life, organized in the other.

            Insanity causes the world to see you as normal, while inside you fight to keep the monster in.

            Some say insanity is doing the same thing over and over, getting the same results.  I say it is doing things just a little differently each time to avoid any result.

            An insane person doesn’t want closure. Closure would be a disaster.  In fact avoidance is the key in hiding your insanity.

            My insanity grew from a small seed in childhood to a thin tree with many branches, reaching out in many directions.