​Jesus is Good for Business

            So, Easter has passed, and now we wait for the next big shopping event. If you think about it, Easter has become Spring Christmas.  People not only buy enough candy for themselves, and their kids, to lower their life expectancy ten years; but now they spend millions of dollars on gifts for their sweet sensitive snowflakes.

            What do a bike, Barbie, or iPhone have to do with the Resurrection is beyond me; then again, what does a bike, Barbie, or iPhone have to do with the birth of Christ? I suppose in reality, the real question is what does Jesus have to do with those two holidays anyway?

            One thing, for sure, is that Jesus is good for business. Black Friday, about Jesus, well Christmas, basically the same thing. The Christmas season fills the coffers of businesses all around the world, even if you’re not a Christian. Easter is becoming its own religious shopping event, thanks to the big bunny, and candy. Soon rival groups break may out pitting the Claus Klan against the Brotherhood of the Bunny. Talk about Replacement Theology, Jesus Christ has been replaced by a bunny and a fat guy in a red suit.

            However, I doubt it will get there, both holidays are making money for big business, the banks, and the credit card companies. If you want to believe in something, believe that those guys won’t let anything get in the way of their profits. In fact, it is my understanding that Amazon has a group of theologians searching for a Jesus tie-in somewhere summer, to create a third religious holiday to spur the economy.

            You laugh, but it could happen. Another Federal Holiday, another three-day weekend, another opportunity to pound beers for Jesus, and most importantly, another opportunity to spend money on a religious holiday, that really doesn’t have anything to do with the religion we are celebrating. Thank God for the First Amendment giving us the right to shop for a religious purpose, but protecting us from the same religion by keeping that offensive creche off the public square.