The first lie is always the easiest. Think about it. If I say I can’t meet you because I have an appointment, it is no big deal. That is the easiest. It becomes complicated when details have to be added, and others need to be lied to, to cover the first lie.

The secret to successfully lying could be as simple as this, use the same lie every time. When I was younger and I would go out drinking, often returning home very late, or very early in the morning depending on your perspective, I would always give my return time as 12:30.  Did my mother believe me? Maybe the first few times, but after that she never asked as my answer would always be the same.

For example if you are cheating on your wife or girlfriend, find the simplest lie and use it every time.  Mine? I need some alone time to write, so I’m heading to the mall for a couple of hours.  Don’t say which mall, and don’t give a definite time of return.  If it helps your story, stop at the food court with your laptop and type for about half an hour. Who knows? Not only will you be getting some on the side, you might actually write a bestselling novel. Hey guys I’m here to help.