Motorcycles n'at

            I wish harm to no man, or woman.  However, motorcyclists seem to ask for it, yet ask us to be aware of their presence on the road.  I know you’ve seen them, “Share the road look twice motorcyclists are out,” or “Watch for Motorcycles,” signs in yards.  Yet as we travel the highways and byways of this great land, it is the motorcyclist that is taking advantage of our kindness.

            You’ve seen them.  You’re stuck in traffic, and here comes a motorcycle weaving through the parking lot that was Rt. 51.  Am I able to do this? No. First of all the man van is too wide to fit through most areas, and the wife won’t allow it.  However, if I could, I’m sure one of Pittsburgh’s finest would not hesitate to pull me over and hand me a citation.  When was the last time you saw a motorcycle pulled over for weaving through traffic.

            Here’s another thing that bothers me about motorcycles, cars, and the law.  If I’m in my car, I, and any passengers I may have, have to wear a seatbelt. It doesn’t matter if I have airbags, side airbags, upper airbags or the car fills with foam peanuts upon impact. No seatbelt, paperwork and a visit to the magistrate.  Yet if I’m on a motorcycle I don’t even have to wear a helmet.  To the best of my knowledge there are no seatbelts or air bags on a motorcycle.

            Who is more likely to suffer life threatening injuries upon hitting a tree? Right; the guy on the bike. Even if I’m not wearing a seatbelt, I’ll travel no further than the hood of my car.  The guy on the bike could end up in the next county.  If he has the freedom to make bad choices and suffer the consequences, why can’t I?  This is America, isn’t it?

            All I know is that there are no seatbelt check points for motorcycles.  If I have to stop at such a check point, what do you think the cop would say if I was wearing a helmet and no seatbelt? I can tell you what he’d say, “What are you trying to prove, ya jagoff.