​New Year's Resolution

            Ah, it’s that time where we make promises to ourselves that we will inevitably break, but who cares? We lie to ourselves daily. I lie to myself so much that I won’t even believe a word I say. The last time I kept a promise to myself I ended up sleeping on a park bench in Chicago. Wow, what a night that was. . .

            I’ve promised myself in 2017, to not make promises to myself; see how that worked out. I thought about some easy NYR (New Year’s Resolutions), such as, be nicer to people, eat better, be kind to animals, and say nicer things about my ex-wife. To be honest, only one of those is happening. I figure the best I can do is to promise not to lie to myself, as so many other people are willing to do it for me.

            So my NYR for 2017, is to not make a NYR, and just have fun living the year and enjoying life.