​Not about the Truth

            What a country! Where else could an illegal immigrant gets a law license. It is unfortunate that the courts protect those that break the law more than the law-abiding citizens that actually live here, legally. If you are poor, don’t have a lobbying group behind you, or are powerless, the law is not designed to protect your rights.

            My friend was openly discriminated against while a student at CCAC-South and McKeesport Hospital, and what was the result?  As a Federal Judge told her, “Life isn’t fair, and you can’t always get what you want.”  This was even before the facts of the case made the light of day.  What did this impartial jurist determine? She didn’t want “her” attorneys working for free. So accept the deal or go forward, lose the case and pay both sets of attorneys and court costs.

            Had she been an illegal, perhaps the so-called justice system, her attorneys, the school and hospital would have given her what she earned so she too could earn a living and get off government assistance. Funny how she passed the RN Program, by the school’s own standard, but wasn’t allowed to complete the five-week shadowing portion of the program because, in her instructor’s opinion, “You don’t look like a nurse.” I mean it must be true, as the court agreed, right?

            What a great standard, and example, the leadership of Community College of Allegheny County presented in blatant case of discrimination. Perhaps the most eye-opening statement of the whole affair came from a judge, and was agreed with by my friend’s own attorneys, that “It’s not about the truth.”

            What a sad commentary on our judicial system.