Not Free To Pee

           Why the consternation over the government telling us who can use what bathroom? For years Washington has been in our business, so to speak. Remember when it was determined how much water could be in our toilet tank? Have we already forgotten the government mandated switch from incandescent light bulbs to florescent? How about “special,” more expensive, gas in the summer and the change back to “regular” gas when vacation season is over?

            Do we want to even talk about transfat, soda, or mandated vaccinations?  We tend to forget that government is involved in your life from cradle to grave, and both at the same time if you’re aborted. You can’t drive, walk, talk, eat, drink or sleep, without some type of government involvement.

            If you believe that you live in a free country, please wake up and smell the coffee, also regulated. It is only a matter of time before the government regulates when you go to the bathroom.

A Brief Conversation

So I was fortunate enough to have "Not Free To Pee," published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and received a few responses. All, but one was favorable. I have placed our brief conversation below. It should be noted that there was no response, to my response.


What exactly do you think is the reason we have a government?  Is it not to protect the people?  If our government doesn't work for you perhaps you find somewhere else to complain, maybe where Donald Trump is in charge.

Joe Orenstein



If my toilet is under attack by ISIS, Iran, or the Russians, by all means the gov should protect me. This is way the Constitution has a provision for an army.

Other interference such as forced gov health care, water volume in my toilet, etc., is not protection, it is intrusion.

As for Trump; I bet those at Benghazi would rather have had Trump, than HRC during those 13 hours.

Have a nice weekend.