​OH, NOOO!!!

After 165 days of school, you seem to get into a rut.

*  *  *

            What time is it? 7:30! Oh no! I’ll have to hurry. She forgot to wake me up. Socks, shirt, pants, shoes, everything, check. Let’s see, breakfast Fruit Loops. Ugh, they’re stale. I just have some cold hot dogs and tea.

            “Yipes! Eighto’clock, better bolt. Oops! Who left their shoe there? Heck the doors stuck. No wonder, it’s locked, stupid.

            Wow, is it hot out here. Better run. Why are all the hills around my house? Almost there.

            Oh, no. I’m late, the bus is gone. Better head for the emergency stop.

            Thank heavens this road is flat. Darn! I missed it, and I was on the track team. If Gomer saw that he’d make me wash the socks. Oh, well, better start walking.

            I’ll go home first, maybe dad’ll drive me. Won’t he be happy when he finds out I missed the bus.

            Well, home again. Heck the doors locked. Geez, they’re not up yet. Are they in for a rude awakening. Ha-ha, I’m so funny.

            “Hey, wake up! Wake up! Get up. Hey . . .What? It’s what day? Saturday?!?! Oh no!