Poor Peter

Peter has but one leg, the other one is gone                                                
The one leg that Peter has, doesn’t really belong                                          
It’s made of wood and metal things; that help to keep it on,                       
But to walk through the airport, he takes two along                                      

A young man fell and broke his leg; Peter came along                                 
“We need some wood to make a split, or this boy will be gone.”                 
“Look,” said one, pointing at Pete, “That boy there has wood for one or more.”
The crowd had gathered, and tackled Peter to the floor.                              

They tore poor Peter’s legs, like branches from a tree.                               
The young man’s leg was saved and the crowd was so relieved                  
The young man’s leg was saved for sure, but Peter had no such luck        
While slithering home he was crushed by a truck.