​Random Things In My Head  3

Some say politics is a high calling; I must have been high when I got the call.

Were the wieners named after the Oscars, or the Oscars named after the wieners? More importantly; how can I get a ride in the Wienermobile?

My book, “Things I've Started, but Never Finished,” is still in the works.

I think people are giving to much weight to the reports of an obesity epidemic.

It's not that I don't care . . . well, really it is.

Everybody's bad, the struggle is to be good.

When all is said and done . . . it usually isn't.

If it wasn't for my prostate, I'd never get my head examined!

And when I awoke, I noticed I was gone.

When I finally I thought I found myself; I realized I was in someone else's suit.