Renting vs.  Loaning Our  military

            One of the biggest items in our budget is the United States Armed Services. This small piece of change is constitutionally mandated, unlike some others.  We have our bravest and brightest spread across the globe defending our freedom. While I trend to disagree with that view, we spend much of our blood and treasure defending other people’s freedom, it is what it is. Until such time that we end our foreign entanglements we, as a nation, must find a way to provide our servicemen and women the tools, protection, and services they deserve.

            Perhaps the best way to do this in to no longer loan, but rent our military to the countries we defend, and free from dictators.  We carve into our budget, gutting programs, while these other nations invest in themselves. Our men and women come back injured both mentally and physically, are greeted by long waits and substandard care at our VA facilities.  This is criminal.

            By making other countries foot the bill, we can provide the best services for our wounded warriors, invest in our military, and reduce our spending.  If our leaders in Washington want to bravely wrap themselves in the flag and send others off to be the “world’s policemen,” then these countries need to step up to the plate, like every community in the United States, and pay for the police service provided to them.