Simple Solutions

           My brief time in politics taught me that the most important thing, besides kickbacks, bribes, women, and wasting other people’s money, was job creation. The more people that worked, the more money people made, the more the government could steal for their own purposes, in theory, to help their districts. If you think that job creation had anything to do with improving your condition, you are sadly mistaken, or on drugs.

            Remember the “War on Drugs?” The government didn’t surrender, in fact, they didn’t even engage in the battle; they’d have been fighting themselves. Look at where we are; the states are legalizing pot, there is an opioid epidemic that is sweeping the country, The Bill of Rights has been shredded, and the criminal activity related to drug crimes is keeping lawyers, and the courts, rolling in the dough.

            To be poor in America, black, white, or Hispanic, means to suffer the wrath of the justice system. God knows, we wouldn’t want to put a rich person in jail; after all who’d keep the courts, and lawyers in business. A poor slug can’t afford a decent attorney, and really doesn’t keep the judicial economy rolling. Think about it, the elite can afford a $ 1,000 an hour attorney, the state paying a public defender $290 a case to protect the Constitutional Rights of Willie, Juan, or Jack just isn’t cost effective. In reality, they are just recycling their own money, and that will never do, my friend.

            We’ve all heard the saying, “The cream rises to the top;” in the case of lawyers, the courts and our elected officials, it’s more like the scum rising to the top of a pond.

            Wow, talk about going off on a tangent. This was to be a piece about road rage, the lack of civil discourse and job creation. The simple solution was to, thanks to the legalization of pot, to create marijuana factories to process the weed, and remove all environmental restrictions so the smoke could be released, unfiltered, into the air. With everyone stoned, we would be a more docile nation, respecting each other’s space, perhaps a little more paranoid and overweight, but with a bit more empathy for our fellow man.