​Stream of Consciousness: Jesus Peeps

Easter is just around the corner, as evidenced by, the colorful candy magically appearing in the stores. This, of course, is Peep season. A Peep is an interesting treat, sticky, hard to describe taste, and inexpensive. They come in various incarnations, rabbits, trees, and people. I wonder why there is no Jesus Peep, for the Jesus people.

Think about it; Easter, in theory, is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, like Christmas, Easter has become a food and shopping fest focusing on pretty much anything, but Jesus. How great a marketing idea would the Jesus Peep be?

He could come in various colors, and shapes. Perhaps even a Stations of the Cross set. This would appeal the Catholic shopper, and provide an excellent teaching tool for Sunday schools around the nation. A Shroud of Turin Peep, would be challenging but a great collectable for a candy that has the potential to last forever.

When you think about it you could have an Easter Peep action set, with the various Apostles, Pontius Pilate, the Sadducees, Barabbas, and Roman Soldiers. With your Peeps you could reenact the Last Supper, and the Resurrection. Peeps, not just for eating anymore. Angry Christians could take out centuries of frustration, by smashing, then eating those responsible for the death of Christ. Of course, they wouldn’t, as Christians are known for their ability to forgive.

The Easter Jesus Peeps might be controversial, but they would be relatively safe in the grand scheme of things. A Prophet Muhammad Peep would get you blown up, and might be a better fit for Pop Rocks.