The Adventures of Jim

            Jim stared boldly into the darkness that quivered about him.  He inch his way slowly through the cold thick nothingness.  What lay ahead would be unlike anything he had experienced before.

            “Jim what are you still doing up? You went to bed over and hour ago!” screeched Jim’s mother as the darkness was freed by the hallway lights.  “Now get to sleep and quit fooling around or I’ll get your father.”

            “Yes mom,” sheepishly answered Jim, as his mother shut the door.

            Locked in a dungeon, chained to a hard wood table, Jim looked around his surroundings, fearing for his life.  Would the evil King visit him tonight?  He lay staring up at the dark ceiling.  If only he could survive till morning, then he could escape.
            Jim carefully worked his left hand free from the leather strap which bound it.  Aaahh, at last thought Jim.  He could now free himself and warn the others of the evil treachery that the dark cruel queen was threatening.

            Jim slowly worked his right hand and feet free of the bonds,

            “What the hell are you doing boy!  I thought your mother told you to go to sleep. Now get back in your bed and go to sleep boy!” yelled Jim’s father through the door.

            “Yes sir,” quietly answered Jim.

            Jim felt his eyelids getting heavy; the ship’s life-support system must have failed.  He slowly reached above his head, so he wouldn’t waste any oxygen.  Jim carefully adjusted the complicated dials and gadgets, shutting down the ship’s systems.  Jim placed the emergency oxygen tent over his head and drifted off into a safe sleep.