The Clinton Effect

It is indeed interesting to watch my liberal friends rally around, allegedly, sexually abused women.  They deem Donald Trump unfit for the highest office in the land based on these complaints from years ago. His actions and words are an affront to the demure female species.  Trump, if you believe the left, is a Neanderthal, the worst the example of what a man should be; a poor role model for children, and he probably kick his dog, as well, if he owns one. If he doesn’t, I’m sure CNN will report that he does anyway.

Lost in all this is the fact that we’ve been through this before, back in 1992, with a relatively unknown governor from Arkansas, one William Jefferson Clinton. To say he had “women problems,” would be an understatement; remember the “Bimbo Eruptions?” They rallied around their man, much like the braver members of the Republican Party are now. Can Donald Trump govern effectively if he was to win the White House? How could such a scalawag lead the country?

Of course he can, thanks to the “Clinton Effect.” Bill Clinton is the only political leader that had two simultaneous polls rating his presidency. Remember? We had the job performance poll, and the likability poll. According to the Left, a person could be the world’s worst misogynist, and still be the greatest president since George Washington. As long as Mr. Clinton could keep his private parts, I mean, life, separate from his politic life, all was right with the world. Ask any Democrat, the nineties were the closest thing to Heaven on Earth, since FDR.

Who’s to say that a President Trump, with a supportive press corps, couldn’t take us to Nirvana in his eight glorious years. My friends on the Left, we made it through the Clinton years and the women, and as evidence by the far-away look in your eyes, you remember the good times. Why not a President Trump? And perhaps a return to the past that you loved and accepted. As the candidate himself would say, “What do you have to lose?"