The Congress and the Supreme Court

It is a shame that one of the biggest issues in the presidential campaign is the possible selection of Supreme Court Justices; it truly shows that our elected leaders in the Senate don’t understand, or care too understand, the very Constitution they swear to uphold and defend. This group of “legislators,” has abdicated its law making responsibilities to a non-elected nine-member court.

In theory, the Congress passes a law, the President signs, vetoes, or lets it pass without a signature, and life goes on for us sheeple. Then someone, feeling hurt, makes their way through the legal, as there is no justice, system. Finally, the Supreme Court gives the thumbs up or thumbs down, or more often than not contort the legislation to fulfill their interpretation of the Constitution. In the past these great defenders of the Constitution have reached out to Scottish Law to come to a decision. Of course, the Congress, the great defends of freedom could amend the law, but don’t deferring to the black robed politburo.   

The Supreme Court is not a legislative body, and it is irresponsible for candidates, and elected official to surrender such power to a group that is as likely to make a decision based on how they feel, their political beliefs, or some obscure law from some foreign land. Our responsibility to the Constitution is to elect candidates that understand the proper roles of the three branches of government.