The Fraud of Early Voting

            The problem with Pennsylvania politics is not who votes, but who runs.  The problem of low voter turnout is not who votes, but who runs. The idea that early voting will change this trend is a farce, and a danger to our representative republic.

            If our friends in Harrisburg want more people to vote, then move Election Day to the second Saturday of the month and extend the time to 9 p.m. This would allow qualified voters to vote, and given the Saturday date, long lines would be avoided as there would be no pre- or post-work rush at polling locations.

            Real voter reform would be for our legislators to support the Voters Choice Act and allow third parties the opportunity to compete in elections. What real change in state government will we see if we have a 100 percent turnout for the lesser of two evils? I would argue, none.

            The corruption will continue, the good ol' boy and girl network will continue to rule, and real reform for the citizens of Pennsylvania will never happen.

           It would be great if more people voted. It would be better still if more people were allowed to run for office by removing the ballot-access barriers imposed on third party and independent candidates for statewide office.

            We want change. Give us choices and allow us to vote for it.