​The Trouble With Trump

            The problem with President Trump is that he is used to working in an environment where people work together for a common cause, and complete projects. Trump, in his previous life, could fill an office with local elected officials, community leaders, contractors and come to an agreement on how a project was to be done; often ahead of schedule, and under budget.

            In Washington, he is surrounded with a group of people that would rather watch Rome burn than coordinate the emergency services to stop the destruction of the city. The Democratic Party would rather see the United States weak, the working class suffer, and the elderly wither away on the vine, than work with President Trump on issues they even agree with him on.

            Many in the Republican Party are no better. They and their Democratic brethren are more concerned about maintaining the status quo. They would rather let the ship of state sink as long as they have control of the life boats. Don’t worry, they’ll float around lifting their special interest friends, big money donors, and your wallet out of the raging ocean. The political elites would rather you drowned in the rising tide of debt, crime and international intervention, than work together to solve the problems they created.

            President Trump is Commander John Paul Jones, while our friends in Washington want Captain Edward Smith at the helm.