The Trans-Pacific Partnership

           The problem with the TTP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), is much the same as the other “great” free trade deals of the past, NATFA and GATT, is that in the end, it sells out the middle-class for big business. Neither of these agreements built the middle class or raised the standard of living south of the border to stem the tide of illegal immigrants. One could also argue, if a global warming or climate change groupie, that no trade agreement has reduced global emissions.

            Free trade deals are not free, the cost the middle-class and the working poor both jobs and pay. The quality of life for the majority doesn’t improve with each regional trade deal, the middle-class shrinks, the wealthy profit, and our elected officials benefit with campaign contributions that keep them in power. Free trade agreements do not make us more free, in fact, they infringe upon our sovereignty. 

            The focus, if not on individual trade agreements, in which parties could be held accountable, should be on fair trade that actually benefits the majority of the people it is allegedly signed to help.