Our country is in trouble because it is run by an oligarchy posing as a two party system.  The two party system has no interest in solving problems, as to solve them would cut into their fundraising ventures and reelection campaigns. It would be difficult to run if there are no bogeymen out there to scare us. 

            Political Action Committees also wouldn’t want issues settled, as it would end their money making businesses.  Can anyone remember a PAC that declared victory and shut its doors?   I guess that the beauty of a PAC is that an individual doesn’t really need to get involved in the issue that concerns them.  Monthly electronic deductions, prewritten emails to send, maybe a bumper sticker or a card identifying them as a protector of liberty, the poor or space aliens, brings a self-satisfied smile to their face as they watch some mind numbing program on television, knowing they made a difference. 

            This is considered activism, while those that go out and protest, write real emails, visit members of Congress, or generally make others uncomfortable about an issue are portrayed as nut jobs.  

            It is difficult to believe we live in a time when corporations are granted the rights of individuals by the same government that is taking away the rights of individuals.