I had an internet radio program while at Duquesne University. One morning, I set up a playlist, as I needed a nature break, and headed to the men’s room. The first thing I noticed was that the urinals were almost waste high, and there was no handle or electric eye to flush the thing.

I looked in the bowl and there was a label that stated, “Waterless Urinal.”  I was like what? I was glad I was alone, nothing worse that talking to yourself in the restroom.

Well given my need, I had no choice and did my business, and you know what?

It was totally waterless, my piss turned to powder.  It scared me and I panicked.  The next thing I know, I’m covered in powder, well piss powder.

The powered urine was floating around the restroom, it looked like a high school bathroom between periods. I’m running around waving my arms trying to disperse the piss. It’s getting in my hair, mouth, up my nose, it was gross.       

Worse, the toilet is waterless too. . .
I’m not even going there . . .