What makes a man, or a woman, hurt a defenseless animal?  What is lacking in their life that would lead them to commit such acts of cruelty?  More importantly, is it in us that makes many turn away and pretend that this doesn't happen; or causes us to lose our desire and drive to keep battling for God's creatures? 

     It is a struggle to keep fighting in a world that doesn't place a value on the lives of animals, but we must. A politician would fight to get a road paved to get reelected, but wouldn't risk being label a nut for supporting laws that would protect animals. The court system doesn't view animal abuse as a serious crime, as evidenced by inadequate punishment of the abuser. The police don't act as they are busy with "real crime" and so the cycle continues.

     As with most painful things, people have a habit of turning away, or shutting it out so they do not have to face it.  The "out of sight, out of mind," philosophy rules the day.  It's not that people don't care, they don't want to care or, mostly likely, they care only about themselves.  It is a shame that with most people, they only care when it affects them.  Given that, is it any surprise that the issue of animal abuse is not a priority?

     The news will occasionally report an animal abuse story, one that is so cruel that it boggles the mind, but they pass on the abuse that continues daily of varying degrees. As a "community service" the local news will remind you not to leave your dog in the car in the summer, or out in the bitter cold, but where is the investigative reporting  on dog fighting, puppy mills, mass "euthanasia," or the crisis of animal abuse in this country?

     Why is no one surprised when someone commits a heinous act of violence, and later it is found out that they had a history of animal abuse?  If we know it is a warning sign, why are laws, and law enforcement not clamping down on these individuals before they begin killing humans?  It would seem that man's own sense of self-worth, and self-preservation, would make this a big issue.

     Sadly, most people will only care about animal abuse, when it is tied to human abuse, and at that point it is too late for both.