Why Hillary? Why Now?

            I have seen the light. I now understand why such Republican stalwarts such as, George Will, Jeb and George Bush, John Kaisch, and Lindsey Graham silently support Hillary Clinton for President.

            Hillary, as Secretary of State, travelled to over 125 countries and made deals that benefited each and every one of them. She has given speeches and worked with Wall Street, and the big bankers for years, making sure they survive in times of crisis. Mrs. Clinton has tirelessly fought for the inner cities by pushing for gun control laws that will take the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, and led the fight to send good paying jobs to the poor and forgotten in places such as, Mexico and China.

            The former Secretary of State, through her foreign policy efforts, lit countless fuses that brought the troubles of the Middle-east to places such as Belgium, France and here at home. By sharing in these burdens we now have a better understanding of the troubles abroad.  Clinton has stood toe to toe with countries that abuse women and kill members of the LGBT community by only accepting contributions to the Clinton Foundation, and not technically violating US election laws.

            Finally, who could forget Mrs. Clinton’s stamina as she testified for countless hours about Benghazi, and her email server? In each case she was trying to protect us, from the troublesome truth that is the complicated world of government and politics.

            This is the leadership and integrity this country needs and deserves.