Winter '77

           “Today’s weather; occasional snow, up to 6 inches today, adding to the previous 79 inches. Light winds of five to ten mph, gusting to seventy-five. Finally every school in the world is closed, except Thomas Jefferson. That concludes KDKA’s . . .”

            I don’t believe it. I just don’t believe it, almost eight feet of snow and we’re still open. It must be a joke, I’ll call the school.


            Blimey, no answer. Probably snowed out. I’ll call the district. Dum, dada,da . . . Come on, come on, answer the phone stupid. Nobody’s there. maybe the lines are down.

            Oh, well. Hi, ho, hi, ho, it’s of to school I go; to have some fun get smacked bum, hi, ho, hi, ho, hi ho.

            Okay, one final check; underwear, check. Two t-shirts, check. Five pairs of socks, check. Two pairs of pants, check. Two shirts, check. Hat, check. Two coats, check. Scarf, check. Two pairs of gloves, check. Food, check.

            Well, I’ll just step out the door here . . . uh . . . ugh . . . it’s frozen shut. Wow, it’s hot in here. I gotta get out the window or I’ll become a puddle of water.

            Whew, made it. Oh, no! I forgot my shoes! Back through the window. Stupid shoes. okay out the window, once more.

            I’d better watch out for that hole I dug yesterday, when I planted that money tree. Oops!

Well, I’m watching out from it. Ugh, I got to get out of here, or I’ll die. Okay, easy does it, almost there, ugh, made it!

            Okay, which way to the bus stop? Left? Right? Maybe it’s . . .no. I’ll go right. I can see a thing with all this snow blowing around. Ouch. What’s this? It’s my house. Heck with school, I’m going to bed.